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In the Fall of 2020, Communiqué was contracted by the Paleontological Research Institute (PRI) to conduct several marketing initiatives during a 3-month period while PRI searched for an internal marketing manager. As part of the 3-month scope, Communiqué helped PRI launch their new digital product called Earth@Home, a free online toolkit for learning and teaching Earth Science. Communiqué conducted all PR and digital marketing efforts surrounding this launch, which proved successful, as the site saw thousands of users in the first month. Communiqué conducted four separate digital marketing campaigns using SEM and Facebook Ads, targeting teachers, parents, students, and general science enthusiasts around the country.

Communiqué also managed all social media accounts for PRI, developed and published blog content, and helped build anticipation around an upcoming exhibition. Through social media, Communique helped promote several virtual events for the Museum of the Earth and Cayuga Nature Center, which saw high attendance rates.

As part of the 3-month scope, Communiqué developed a strategic communications plan to provide the new marketing hire with tools to successfully begin her new position, as well as provide a macro marketing plan to reference and build off of. This enabled her to continue developing the communications plan to meet PRI’s marketing objectives for 2020 and into 2021.

Social Media

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Digital Ads

Digital Ads


Communiqué helped PRI develop concise and strategic messaging to help market Earth@Home, the digital product/website that they launched in the Fall of 2020. Earth@Home is a very complex and unique product, therefore it took a lot of thought on how to best describe and convey the purpose and value of Earth@Home. Through collaboration with PRI, Communiqué proposed the following verbiage to describe Earth@Home; “Your free online toolkit for learning about Earth and its 4.5 billion-year history.” We felt this messaging included the main keywords (“free”) and spoke directly to their target audience, students, while still applying to their secondary audiences, teachers and parents.

Screenshot of Earth@Home “About” page


Communiqué established consistent blog series’ such as “Adventures in the Prep Lab” and “Staff Spotlights” to help humanize the PRI brand.




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