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In the early months of 2020, Communiqué began working with Cayuga Lake National Bank (CLNB), a community bank headquartered in Union Springs, NY. CLNB has another branch in Aurora, NY with plans to open a 3rd branch in Lansing, NY in the Summer of 2021. Communiqué began working with Cayuga Lake National Bank in 2020 and has been providing full-service marketing consultation. More specifically, Communiqué works with CLNB on strategic marketing campaigns, media buys, PR, continued branding, newsletter development, and has begun managing and creating content for its social media. Communiqué has also worked closely with CLNB leadership to determine goals, target audiences, and messaging. We’ve also helped CLNB communicate strategically and effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Summer 2020, Communiqué developed and launched a campaign that primarily utilized customer and employee testimonials to position CLNB as a unique, capable, and personal community bank. Every CLNB customer has their own story about their experience with the bank, and we wanted to find those stories and showcase them. We strategically selected customers so that we were able to highlight commercial business loans and home loans. In addition, we featured customers who have banked with CLNB for generations, and we also featured an employee.

Ad Campaign – My CLNB Story

Fall 2020

Print Ads

Print Ads

Direct Mailer

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Communiqué develops content for and designs the CLNB bi-annual newsletter. Click the image below to view the latest newsletter.

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Social Media Campaign – “CLNB Cares”

Summer 2020

Clnb Cares Logo

This Spring 2020 campaign was inspired by the fact that COVID-19 had taken a toll on the local economy, causing an increased demand for food pantries surrounding Cayuga Lake National Bank. We felt that CLNB could address this need, as local charitable giving aligns strongly with their brand, while simultaneously leveraging their newly improved social media presence.

Communiqué proposed and executed a two-month social media campaign titled “CLNB Cares”, aimed at increasing the amount of people who follow the CLNB Facebook page. We incentivized people who already followed the Facebook page to invite others to follow (or like) the page as well, because CLNB pledged to donate one meal to each local food bank for every new follower/like. The campaign goal was to gain 200 new followers, and half of that goal was reached in the first day. The page started with around 600 likes/followers and ended up with nearly 1,000, well exceeding the campaign goal.

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